Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Contest! :)

Hello everyone!

It has been a crazy year for me, and I just submitted my third book for publication! This new book is the first in a new series and I am completely stoked about where my career is heading! Life is good. :)

In honor of things going well, I would like to do a contest for any readers interested in free books! I would love to give away 2 ebook copies of each of my books. The books are  #1 & 2 in my Slayer Series "Be Still the Night" and "Out of Darkness". I will keep the contest open through October 29th and the winners will be drawn at random. I also have some goodies that I will mail to the winners as well. 

For those interested, just comment on this post with your favorite thing about reading books and your email address so that I can notify the two winners at the end of the contest. 

I wish the best of luck to everyone and happy reading. :)

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