The Slayer Series

  The Slayer's Creed

We are the night
The damned and lost
Those who are forgotten
Yet we have not forgot

The keepers of time
Bound to eternity
Soulless we wander
Empty we remain

We are here to protect
The innocent and pure
Kill the evil
Banish the fallen

We are the hunter
Death at our hands
Fear radiating
Strength in every pore

Residing in darkness
Dwelling in the shadows
Alone by nature
Lonely in heart

We are the past
Present, and future
Every moment in time 
We survive. 

The Books

Be Still The Night

        Jason should have known his life was going to change the moment she stepped out of the shadows dressed in all black leather. He really shouldn't have been surprised when she stabbed the man in the alley.
        Jason's being drawn into a whole new world where there are vampires, gods, mates, and sisters who turn into wolves and very large cats. Around every corner is a new surprise, but Jason is finding himself getting closer and closer to this mystery woman, and he just can't stay away.
        The battle between good and evil is starting up again and he's caught in the middle. He must learn to fight to stay in her world, and along the way he just might learn something about his past he couldn't have ever imagined. Will he be able to win her over and their lives change forever, or will she resist their mating? Fighting for her heart and his life, Jason knows he will stop at nothing until he wins the battle.

Out Of Darkness

        Phoebe has been captured by Cordin, the leader of the vampires, and is fighting for her life—as well as the way of life she has come to know for the last two hundred years. As the youngest sister, Phoebe is still learning everything about the world of the Slayers. But more importantly, she is still learning things about herself. Currently she is learning that her resistance is just as strong as she thought it was.
        Cordin has put his right-hand man, Xander, in charge of watching her. Unfortunately, she spends a lot of time watching him, too.
        Phoebe won’t stop trying to escape and return home, but this mysterious man keeps distracting her from her goals. Xander has not only captured her physically, but is capturing her heart without even trying. Phoebe must choose between returning home to her sisters and remaining Xander’s prisoner forever.