Ambrosia Series

Welcome to Ambrosia, Georgia!

Ambrosia is a a small town in Southern Georgia, where the tea is sweet and the people are sweeter. It is a town where everyone knows everybody and it's hard to keep secrets.

The Ambrosia Series is published by White Orchid Press. 

Books in the Series:

Velvet and Lace

After being gone from her hometown of Ambrosia for the last ten years, Daphne Brooks has returned to the small town with plans to build a store and make a new life for herself back at her roots. She’s also planning on ignoring the people from her past who made her teenage years hell. That is until she runs into Trent Bradshaw, once big time crush and equally crushing disappointment.
Trent Bradshaw has always regretted how he treated Daphne and when he approaches her at their high school reunion, he expects to make his apologies. But the girl he had a secret crush on is now the woman of his dreams.
As they grow close, someone wrecks her new store. Will Trent be able to help her find out who is trying to drive her away? Or will the stress of the situation drive her from Ambrosia and Trent forever?

Note to all readers! - This book is not currently available. It should be available for order from Siren Publishing within the next few months. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I hope you look forward to reading it and the next one in the series.