Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh the Horror!

Gah! I would love to be writing all the time, but life keeps getting in the way. Go figure. I am almost done with book 2 and it's so close I can feel it. Unfortunately I can't touch it however, because all of my time is currently being spent on college and work. How I hate pizza! Hopefully, I can make money of the books eventually and then I won't have to work in food service anymore. Well, a girl can dream anyway.

I am getting more and more excited to attend the Romance Convention in August. I am looking forward to broadening my horizon's and meeting new people as well as successful authors.

Hopefully, I will finish book 2 in the next two weeks. I am hoping to submit it on May 1. :)

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  1. Im slacking. I still havent read the first book, but i know it's released now and book 2 submitted so i gotta get a move on. Btw, im thinking im gonna buy a few of the hard copies of the first one and have you sign them for xmas gifts for some family :D love you, and this whole pizza and writing thing is gonna get better, promise!