Monday, January 7, 2013

Rest and Recovery!

Hello Readers!

To kick off my New Year, I had to have wisdom teeth removal surgery. I should also tell you, I have an incredible fear of the dentist so this has been an ordeal! However, I found a great oral surgeon that put me to sleep and I don't remember anything, which was amazing. Now, I am just trying to recover, eating only soft squishy foods, and taking my pain meds.

However, in other news. . . Things are looking great for 2013, writing wise. I have a new release coming out on January 26. Velvet and Lace - Ambrosia 1 is being published by White Orchid Press. White Orchid Press is a new publishing company that is expecting great things in the near future! Check out their website at :) I am also currently finishing up a short story piece for a White Orchid. It's my first menage piece, MFM, and I am beyond stoked about it!

I also am working Acquired at Midnight - Slayer 3, which should be finished by mid February. Book 3 is Thera's story, my white tiger, and I am loving how everything is coming together. I hope ya'll are excited too!

Happy Reading everyone!

Shannon Reckler

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