Monday, March 11, 2013

New World Problems for this Girl!

So, for anyone that has been trying to view my website (I hope there are some, LOL), I discovered today that my website has been unavailable for sometime now. I have been editing and everything, yet, the actual website hasn't been up. This is because the company I was hosting under, decided not to tell me that my domain name expired although my hosting service did now. WTF. I was irate. So after a very nasty phone call with the company, I decided to cancel with them and will be moving to a new web hosting site.

This means that for the next 24-48 hours, I won't have a website at all. :/ I am hoping to have it back up soon. I have a lot of new stuff in the works and life has been pretty hectic.

After a long process, I finally have a new apartment set up for May, after I graduate with my bachelors. Things are falling into place for the move and I couldn't be move excited.

I submitted a new work to Siren Publishing today. It is my first menage piece and I can't wait to see what everyone thinks of it. It is a stand a lone piece at the moment. It might become part of a series later. Maybe. I have't decided yet. The title of the new book is "Kyra's Double Delight".

Acquired At Midnight - Slayer 3 is about halfway done and I am really liking how it is turning out. I do think that it will be the longest in the series so far. Thera is far more talkative than I ever expected. She is also rather stubborn so it took her a long time to take a liking to Aiden. I am hoping to submit it by the end of March or beginning of Aprilish. But we shall see.

I am a full time student with two jobs, and writing sometimes has to go on a back burner, no matter how much I want to work on it.

So I hope everyone bares with me and will keep any eye out for my next book. :)

The Romance Reviews has been doing a lot lately and I do a lot of promotion with them. Click on the link below the picture to check them out. :)



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