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It seems my muse has returned to me and I could not be more thankful. Acquired at Midnight - Slayer 3, is coming along amazingly. Thera is opening up more and more to me, even though it ha taken her awhile. She is a very guarded character, but it seems she is finally coming out of her shell.

Since, everything is going so well. I thought I would share an excerpt from the beginning of the story. This is the opening to the book. I hope you enjoy it!

Acquired At Midnight - Slayer 3

Thera rubbed her temples, trying to alleviate the headache that had been building for the last few hours. Unfortunately, the pressure of her fingertips wasn’t helping. She sighed as she watched Rissa turn down another street. She ran a hand through her hair, and thought about pulling it out. 

“Rissa, why don’t we just try again tomorrow.” Thera raised her voice hoping Rissa would stop and they could just go home. Unfortunately, Rissa didn’t stop walking. Her booted feet and Thera’s own stiletto heels were the only noises in the alley. 

“Come on sour puss, we have another few hours before sunrise. We haven’t even begun to make a dent in the electronic shops in the city. What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?” Rissa winked, knowing she was pulling on the tiger’s tail. Thera took the bait and growled at her sister. 

“This cat is going to get your tongue if you aren’t careful, Adelphi.” Thera kept walking a few paces behind Rissa, no need to hurry off to see more idiots. 

“Sorry Thera, you should know I don’t play for that team. I have no desire for you to duel your tongue with mine. And besides you would have to catch me first. We both know I’m the fastest cat in the jungle.” Rissa took a few rapid steps to get out of Thera’s reach as she winked at her sister.

“You better be glad that my tiger is sleeping currently, or she just might take offense.” Thera let loose another growl, but she had to shake her head at the smile that was stretching across Rissa’s gorgeous lips. 

Her sister wasn’t just average pretty, she was exotic pretty and had the capability to turn the head of any man that passed. She had shoulder length, curly red hair. But it wasn’t orange, it was a darker red, that had a million natural highlights running through it. And then with her green eyes to match, she was a knockout. She was petite, but curvy in all the right places. No one would know she could shift into a leopard at any moment she chose. 

Thera shook her head at all the men that had drooled over her sister while they were on their mission for the evening. Since she was in charge of scanning the minds of all the candidates, she had heard enough thoughts about what could be done to her sister. She grimaced as those thoughts were burned into her mind. Her only saving grace was that she knew none of the men had chance, so nothing would come of the thoughts of her sister. 

And not that Rissa was her actual sister. She was one of the nine women she called ‘sister’. They were all a part of a group of women called the Slayers, who were brought together by Athena in order to fight the vampire and protect the humans. They each had their own unique ability and Rissa’s happened to be shape-shifter. As was Thera, the difference was while Rissa transformed into a leopard, Thera changed into a white tiger. 

Thera personally, had been with the Slayers for about the last thousand years or so. She had lost track. Time didn’t matter much when your life didn’t really have an expiration date. 

Rissa put a hand on her arm to stop her as she almost walked by her sister. She shook her head and then smiled at her sister before looking up and taking in her surroundings. They had stopped in front of a well-lit store in the inner city. Since it was after two in the morning, Thera was surprised they were still finding electronic stores that were open. However, since this store also specialized in security it made sense that they were open twenty-four hours. 

“Cartwright Electronics. We can make this one the last one on our list for the night. If we don’t get lucky here, we can go home and you can quit your bitching.” Rissa smiled at her, before she walked up to the door. Opening it, she waved Thera inside. 

Thera wasn’t quite sure what she had been expecting, but the homey office definitely wasn’t it. There was a couch against one wall, a coffee maker with a sign that read ‘Help Yourself’, a large TV playing Spongebob, and then a counter that was empty except for a bell. Behind the counter was door-frame, and she could see a wall of monitors, and a ton of electronics scattered among many shelves. Unfortunately, she didn’t see anyone. So she rang the bell. 

Rissa was next to her, facing the front of the store with her elbows leaned back against the counter. She looked completely nonchalant standing there in a white t-shirt, tucked into a pair of black skinny jeans, that were insider of a pair of mid-calf shitkickers. The outfit wasn’t blatantly sexy, but with Rissa’s figure she could make a paper bag look good. 

What’s with all the thoughts about Rissa tonight? Thera shook her head at herself. It wasn’t like she had body issues or anything. She knew she had a body that could stop men in their tracks as well. Unfortunately, her temperament was generally a warning sign. Not that she cared. 

“I need to get some sleep. My tiger is getting bitchy apparently.” Thera whispered to Rissa. 

When all else fails, blame it on the tiger. 


I hope you enjoyed the excerpt and I hope you have a great day!



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