Monday, March 18, 2013

The More the Merrier!

Hello everyone,

I have finally decided to dip my toes in to the proverbial water, and I submitted my first menage piece. I really enjoyed working on it, and I loved having two men to write about instead of just one. ;)

The piece was originally a short piece that was going to be a part of an anthology, but then words were added so it could be submitted as a stand alone book with Siren. The book is still only 20,000 words, but it is a great story I think.

The piece is called "Kyra's Double Delight" - and is a Paranormal Erotic Romance. The men are both were-shifters and can shift into panthers. I love the paranormal series and it is possible that it may lead into a series later, but at this moment it is just a stand alone piece.

I hope everyone will be willing to check it out. If Siren accepts it, I will let everyone know and then keep you up to date on the editing process and post a picture of the cover. I am very excited about this piece and am looking forward to hearing from Siren!

I hope everyone had a fantastic monday, and I hope you have a good week as well.


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